Drinking water

Producing good and reliable drinking water in harmony with nature. That is what Dunea is committed to every day. Over 1.3 million people in the western part of South Holland can count on Dunea tapwater 24 hours a day.

Water quality and composition

What does drinking water consist of? And what is the hardness of the water? Dutch drinking water is among the best in the world because it is purified so well. That doesn’t mean it holds no other substances. Drinking water contains minerals, salts, good bacteria etc. 

Composition tapwater The Hague area

Quality control

Like in the air and the soil, substances from consumers and industry, agriculture and horticulture also end up in surface water. Traces of this are also found in drinking water. These are minimal concentrations; much we purify out. If we see an exceedance at the source, we report it to Rijkswaterstaat (gouvernement) and take measures. This is how we keep drinking water reliable.