About Dunea

Dunea: expert in dunes and water

Dunea stands for drinking water and nature conservancy

Dunea produces and distributes tap water of a drinking water quality that ranks amongst the best in the world. We supply 24 hours a day and with the least possible leakage and service disruption. The Solleveld, Meijendel and Berkheide dunes are crucial for the purification proces. Furthermore, this function also helps conserve very unique and valuable habitats with one of the the largest biodiversity counts in the Netherlands.

The unique link between dunes and water

Dunea supplies pure drinking water in harmony with nature. Dunea strives for excellent products and services that are continuously adapted to the needs of the region and its customers. The management constantly seeks to strike a healthy balance between quality, profit and investment. Efficient business processes mean we can deliver an optimum performance, now and in the future. Dunea is bound to nature, its surroundings, society and the people who live, work, play and drink water within its area. We are making progress together.

A dynamic organization

The municipalities in the service area are our shareholders and the Supervisory Board supervises the Board of Management. Every day over five hundred Dunea employees dedicate themselves to ensuring high-quality drinking water, a high level of service reliability and the protection of a beautiful area of dunes that offers many recreational possibilities for young and old in the heart of the Randstad, a busy area in the Netherlands.

Dunea supplies drinking water to 1.3 million people and every year welcomes over a million visitors to the dunes between Katwijk and Monster. We sell around 73 billion litres of drinking water each year.

The Freshman-project

The sweetness of brackish water

Sweet and salt don't mix. Especially when the two are separated by brackish groundwater. How much brackish water is in between differs, but the existence is quite common along the coast. Can you use this water to make tasty and reliable drinking water? Does extracting mean we gain more space to keep more fresh water in stock? Dunea, De Watergroep, IWVA, KWR and Allied Waters will investigate this between 1 July 2020 and the end of 2025. First in the dunes of The Hague, the Netherlands - protected under Natura 2000-law. And second in Avekapelle, Belgium, where the pilot will be replicated. This provides reliable data and experience to value brackish groundwater and future application opportunities.

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