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Dunea: expert in dunes and water

Dunea stands for drinking water and nature conservancy

The Dunea name is your guarantee for the excellent and efficient production and supply of drinking water that ranks amongst the world's best, 24 hours a day and with the least possible service disruption. The dunes between Monster and Katwijk are crucial for the purification and production process. That's why we ensure the best possible nature conservation in the Solleveld, Meijendel and Berkheide dunes.

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Smart water use

Water is essential for life. Yet we use it without thinking what it takes to produce clean drinking water. Population growth, climate change and pollution put pressure on clean freshwater resources. We can work together in looking after our most precious resources and use water smartly.

Tips for smart water use

The Freshman-project

Sweet and salt don't mix. Especially when the two are separated by brackish groundwater. How much brackish water is in between differs, but the existence is quite common along the coast. Can you use this water to make tasty and reliable drinking water? Does extracting mean we gain more space to keep more fresh water in stock? Dunea, De Watergroep, IWVA, KWR and Allied Waters will investigate this between 1 July 2020 and the end of 2025. First in the dunes of The Hague, the Netherlands - protected under Natura 2000-law. And second in Avekapelle, Belgium, where the pilot will be replicated. This provides reliable data and experience to value brackish groundwater and future application opportunities.

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