Meter reading

Submit water meter reading

Once a year we need the water meter reading to compile the annual settlement. Did you receive a request to submit your water meter reading? Use the button below to submit your water meter reading.

Depending on your preferences we send this request via e-mail and/or letter. In this e-mail or letter we always include all the information you need to submit your meter reading online.

Submit water meter reading

The important information to look out for:

Customer number (klantnummer)
Your customer number always starts with K0. If you ever need to use our customer service you can provide this number to identify your account.
Meter reading reference number (opnamenummer)
An unique number for your meter reading. Your meter reading reference number consists of 10 numbers. 
This number identifies your meter reading in our systems.

Address (leveringsadres)
If you are responsible for more than one property please check the address the letter or e-mail is referring to.

Meter number (meternummer)
Meter number; this number can be used to identify the right water meter as this number is stated on the meter as well. This is especially useful if your water meter is located in a shared space with other water meters as well (most common in a flat or apartment complex).

 What does the water meter look like?


Watermeter type 1 Dunea           Watermeter type 2

Only fill in the numbers on the water meter before the comma. The numbers after the comma can be ignored.


Submit water meter reading