Dunea International

Dunea shares knowledge and expertise with foreign companies by:

  • Developing Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) for long-term co-operation
  • Piloting new technologies
  • Contributing to benchmarking studies and performance improvement plans

Contact information

For more information about Dunea International please contact our Programme Manager International Co-operation Leo J. Nijland e-mail: l.nijland@dunea.nl

Dunea: drinking water and nature conservation

Dunea (publicly owned, privately managed) supplies 73 billion litres of high quality drinking water. Dunea uses the dunes as a natural treatment step. Dunea supplies drinking water to 1.3 million people in The Netherlands and welcomes over a million visitors in the dune areas every year.

Dunea employs experts from source to tap:

  • Water quality monitoring and analysis, intake monitoring
  • Nature conservation
  • Treatment technologies, e.g. advanced oxidation
  • Asset management, distribution models and network strategies
  • Customer surveys and complaint management
  • Benchmarking, process optimization

Dunea reduced operational costs with 32 percent (from 1997) by applying ‘operational excellence': based on intelligent software, process optimization and benchmarking.

Currently Dunea is extending its services towards sewerage management for municipalities.

From river water to drinking water
Since 1976 the source of our drinking water – a large reservoir of fresh water under the dunes is supplemented with river water from the Afgedamde Maas by means of artificial recharge