Applications in the past, newly built housing or expanded house number

Use the form below to request your water supply if you moved more than two months ago,
you live in a newly built house that is not yet known to us or you have a non-standard house number.

Use my Dunea if:
  1. You received the key to your home in the past 60 days
  2. The residence or the property is an existing building and there is no new connection.

Complete the form below as fully as possible for proper processing.

At what address would you like us to supply water?

To whom should we send the bill?

When did you/will you receive the key to the property?

If you moved into the property more than 60 days ago please enclose a copy of the rental or purchase agreement.
m3 (only black numbers)

At what address would you like to receive post?

How will the property be used ?


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